Our Easy Guide to Organizing

Let's De-Clutter Your Space & Make Room for You

"I have too much stuff."

Ever heard yourself saying that? We all accumulate things we don't need or want...yet rarely think to remove them from our spaces.  Sometimes we buy items on a whim. Sometimes they are given to us. Sometimes we end up with decor from older relatives who are attempting to downsize. 

The more things you have in your home, the more stressed and disorganized you will feel and the less your personal story can be told.

Our easy guide to organizing and sorting your space will leave you feeling motivated to conquer your clutter. Let's get started.



We know it can be tempting to dive into your entire home in one day, but a few hours into it will have you thinking differently. 

Should I order a pizza?

Did I ever respond to those emails?

I should probably Instagram this mess.

#minimalist #sorta

Overwhelm breeds inaction. Choose one room per day, grab a sorting buddy, and get to work. After 2-3 hours, call it a day, provided that you've completely sorted and organized that one room. Don't hurt yourself by leaving a room half done.



Don't take time to reminisce over every piece of decor, furniture, or old book. It might bring sweet or nostalgic memories, but if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't need to be there. If you truly don't like it, you either need to donate it or throw it out. 

Start by walking around the room with two containers or large bags. One is for donations. The other is for garbage. Don't try to donate things that are clearly worn out or dated. Those items go into the garbage unless they are legitimate antiques (in which case, you should sell them).



After you have ruthlessly attacked each room in your home with the garbage or donate method, take those donations to the drop-off location and put that garbage on the curb. Don't overthink it.

Lastly, take all the items you love and find new ways of arranging them. You could move furniture to different rooms, place artwork on new walls, or make a list of items you'd like to purchase (but be careful not to clutter your space again).

At this point, it would be helpful to work with an interior designer to determine the color palette for each room and the aesthetic of your entire home before making any purchases. Otherwise, those items could easily be donated in next year's round of organizing and sorting.


Convertible homes are trending.

From Murphy beds to multi-purpose furniture, convertible home features are on the rise in the name of saving space and creating a sense of minimalism.


Don't buy decor because it's on sale.

Your favorite decor store might be having an incredible sale, but that doesn't mean you should buy "all the things" because they look cute on a shelf. Think practically, stay within your color palette, and note your aesthetic.

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