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Color Consultation

Tailor Made Services

Following on from the initial consultation, we work with you to ensure you avoid common costly mistakes and have a space that flows, functions and looks fabulous. We will help you with the details of the design, choose finishes and furnish the space. 


Everyone knows how important your space is to your general wellbeing, so why not add a touch of flair to your life? With a well-planned color palette, and some nice functional features, you can brighten up your space and give it a bit of personality. Bring out the new you through your space! Call me today and see what I can do for you!


Designer for a Day

Personalized Attention For All Your Design Needs

From accessories, space planning, window treatments, and soft furnishings to selecting the right paint colors, together with my assistance will expertly tailor your space. The finished product is a design plan created in a period of a day for one room/area in your home. Preceded by an initial consultation required. 


I can re-create your space by utilizing what you already have and add/or with a few small purchases. Perhaps, if you are selling your home I can set it up so the house looks it's best and appeals to everyone and that get it sold faster and for more. 

Bright Room


Interior Design Done Right

This meeting may be all you require to help you initiate plans for your home project. We offer advice on paint colors, finishes, window treatments, space layout, priority planning and bring various samples depending on your needs.

This meeting can also be the first step in establishing your needs, desires and scope of work for your project. We’ll discuss ideas and your investment amount to create a plan that will turn your dreams into reality before proceeding to the next level of services. 


Every space has its own personality and with a few touch ups and the right spatial planning, you can really make it shine. I work with my clients throughout the whole process, and make sure to bring their vision to life with my designs. Book a consultation today and see what I can offer you!

Shopping Services

We plan ahead for the day, meet at two locations, break for lunch and round out our purchases to complete the designs in mind. Wouldn't love to bring a designer with you while you shop? Ask about pricing. 

We pull together a design plan and style your holiday table, room or entire home for re-sale using pre-planned and purchased accessories and furniture.  Priced by project.

Home Styling & Staging

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